Wednesday, September 30, 2009


there are a lot of terrible gays out there, and this blog has lumped em' all together. homoshame has scowered the web for the worst of the worst... check it out:


mini mix #16

track list:

1. pearl harbor - luv goon
2. washed out - get up
3. volcano choir - island,is
4. bibio - jealous of roses
5. trailer trash tracys - candy girl
6. night control - star 129


Monday, September 28, 2009

fat boys

wtf... i totally forgot about this -

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

best of youtube #2

1. appolonia 6 - sex shooter

appolonia 6 was the bomb... what's not to love about this video? they're totally gyrating around on stage in mom panties. if you watch purple rain you can see them rehearsing this.

2. mary jane girls - all night long

man, this video is a fucking overload... the lead singer has rick james hair.

3. squirrel melts

i'm sure you've seen this by now but if not, you're in for it. in this video, the huntress shows us how to make the perfect snack for your tailgate party.

4. adina howard - freak like me

classic video from adina howard... it's the anthem for the horny ghetto girl in all of us. and be sure to check out the fucking talons on her friend riding next to her in the car.

5. videodrome trailer

this is the coolest trailer for a movie i've ever seen.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mini mix #15

track list:

1. the big pink - crystal visions
2. the feelies - the boy with the perpetual nervousness
3. 13th floor elevators - nobody to love
4. taken by trees - watch the waves
5. richard de bordeaux - la drogue
6. the smith westerns - girl in love
7. devendra banhart - baby


Thursday, September 17, 2009

get well soon

check out all of paper rad's "gettingbetter cards" at their website... i fucking love them.

mini mix #14

track list:

1. la bionda - i wanna be your lover
2. book of love - boy
3. serge & charlotte gainsbourg - lemon incest
4. gary numan & tubeway army - are friends electric
5. the fall - hit the north pt.1
6. the fall - hit the north pt.2
7. swans - love will tear us apart (joy division cover)


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bears im jealous of

just found out about BIJO from another one of my favorite blogs, riotbear .

check it out:
bears i'm jealous of

bruce & morrissey

mini mix #13

track list:

1. my bloody valentine - sugar
2. stone roses - fool's gold
3. fever ray - here before
4. jj - ecstasy
5. the chromatics - i'm on fire (bruce springsteen cover)
6. the record club - all tomorrow's parties (vu cover)
7. the notwist - boneless (panda bear remix)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mini mix #12

track list:
1. the magnetic fields - fido, your leash is too long
2. toro y moi - talamak
3. wild nothing - cloudbusting
4. scritti politti - the sweetest girl
5. the 6ths - falling out of love with you
6. the concretes - you can't hurry love

Saturday, September 5, 2009

best of youtube #1

1. on demand dating dating - trenita

all you have to do to bed this bitch is put on closer by nine inch nails... and maybe have connections with someone who works at a movie theatre.

2. ferrucjam - you're my number one (home made music video)

not sure about these two... apparently when they get bored they do video covers of terrible songs from the same unknown artist on their webcam. the ferrucjam youtube account is a plethora of comedy gold.

3. sex abuse psa - mr. mac

"mr. mac... touched my penis."

4. rebbie jackson - centipede

the forgotten jackson sister with her debut music video/song where she sings about the most sensual of creatures... the centipede. michael totally produced and sings backup on this.

5. ducktails - parasailing


Friday, September 4, 2009

mini mix #11

track list:

1. department of eagles - no one does it like you
2. diamond rings - all yr songs
3. the pains of being pure at heart - ramona
4. slowdive - alison
5. free energy - dream city
6. yacht - psychic city
7. the velvet underground - ocean
8. grizzly bear - while you wait for others (w/ michael mcdonald ) weird
9. nancy sinatra - tonight you belong to me


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

mini mix #9


track list:

1. flying lizards - money
2. book of love - i touch roses
3. orange juice - falling and laughing
4. the magnetic fields - i don't believe you
5. washed out - luck
6. the xx - crystalised
7. david bowie & giorgio moroder - cat people