Wednesday, September 23, 2009

best of youtube #2

1. appolonia 6 - sex shooter

appolonia 6 was the bomb... what's not to love about this video? they're totally gyrating around on stage in mom panties. if you watch purple rain you can see them rehearsing this.

2. mary jane girls - all night long

man, this video is a fucking overload... the lead singer has rick james hair.

3. squirrel melts

i'm sure you've seen this by now but if not, you're in for it. in this video, the huntress shows us how to make the perfect snack for your tailgate party.

4. adina howard - freak like me

classic video from adina howard... it's the anthem for the horny ghetto girl in all of us. and be sure to check out the fucking talons on her friend riding next to her in the car.

5. videodrome trailer

this is the coolest trailer for a movie i've ever seen.