Saturday, September 5, 2009

best of youtube #1

1. on demand dating dating - trenita

all you have to do to bed this bitch is put on closer by nine inch nails... and maybe have connections with someone who works at a movie theatre.

2. ferrucjam - you're my number one (home made music video)

not sure about these two... apparently when they get bored they do video covers of terrible songs from the same unknown artist on their webcam. the ferrucjam youtube account is a plethora of comedy gold.

3. sex abuse psa - mr. mac

"mr. mac... touched my penis."

4. rebbie jackson - centipede

the forgotten jackson sister with her debut music video/song where she sings about the most sensual of creatures... the centipede. michael totally produced and sings backup on this.

5. ducktails - parasailing