Sunday, January 24, 2010

yesterday, 12 hours

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

mini mix #30

track list:

1. prince - 17 days
2. devo - mongoloid
3. kindness - swinging party (replacements cover)
4. deep sht - sidetripping
5. sun araw - live mind
6. ciccone youth - burning up (madonna cover)
7. iggy pop - dum dum boys


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Back in November, four years after their ESG evoking Get Up / Say What 12", Pixeltan finally release Yamerarena-I. A futuristic monster mutating from Ed Balhman's ear for funk & percussion and Giorgio Moroder's cosmic landscapes for Donna Summer. DFA Records recently teamed up with Scion to put out a video for the ep's title track, animated by bass player Devin Flynn.

Devin also is the creator of Y'all So Stupid, a series of animated shorts reminiscent of MTV's Liquid Sky. I recommend taking some mescaline or going green for this one.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You'll come home for the holidays, in a body bag!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Queer Futures: You Beast, You Gem

You Beast, You Gem is the brainchild of queer artists Crystal Meisinger & Elissa Johnson. This Friday marks the second installment of their collaboration, manifesting itself in the form of queer performance, film & music. Hosted again by our lovely friends at the West Bank Social Center, You Beast, You Gem features performances by the Default Project's Loveless Ladies, Barton Stink, Mysti & Sissy La Poo, Mr E Krumpin Clown, Acroyoga Troupe & Marsha Stoned with Muscle Twitch. Come early to see a dj set by Lillith Fair & a short set by locals Brute Heart. YourSteppaDuJour will be taking over music duties after the first set of performances and will close out the night. Unkle Sinan of Minneapolis Art on Wheels will be playing videos through out the night as well! The West Bank Social Center is located above the Nomad on the West Bank of Downtown MPLS, show time is 9-2am & it's gonna cost you kids $3-5 bones. I've made a promo mix for ya'll to enjoy before the show!

01 maximum joy - searching for a feeling
02 esg - tiny sticks
03 allez allez - she's stirring up
04 dinosaur l - #5 (go bang)
05 bush tetras - can't be funky
06 gwen guthrie - getting hot
07 mo-dettes - white mice
08 lizzy mercier descloux - fire


Monday, January 11, 2010

the "we love covers" mini mix

it's still really cold in minneapolis, all i've wanted to do is find more and more things to cover myself with. this mix is all over the place, but for the hour i was making it my mind wasn't on my frost bitten toes.

01 xiu xiu - asleep (the smiths)
02 bat for lashes - the forest (the cure)
03 the go team - bull in the heather (sonic youth)
04 electrelane - i'm on fire (the boss)
05 tv on the radio - walking the cow (daniel johnston)
06 talk normal - in every dream home a heartache (roxy music)
07 chromatics - program (silver apples)
08 lcd soundsystem - bye bye bayou (alan vega)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

mini mix #29

track list:

1. grave babies - eating babies
2. night control - cs
3. serge gainsbourg - en melody
4. the sticks - i'm wrong
5. little girls - youth tunes
6. the magnetic fields - the dreaming moon
7. the jesus and mary chain - sometimes always
8. cocteau twins - cherry colored funk


Friday, January 8, 2010

e x p l o d e, that's what you do to me.

Thursday, January 7, 2010



This Sunday Mysti & Sissy La Poo shower us with piss & glitter with WETNAP 2 @ King & I Thai! 9-12! free! 18+! Bring your own lube & condoms, we ran out last time! And NO poppers, unless you've got your own ambulance to haul your passed out ass home.

Monday, January 4, 2010

mini mix #28

track list:

1. buzzcocks - orgasm addict
2. iggy pop - funtime
3. the stranglers - dead los angeles
4. unknown - house of the devil opening
5. the smiths - what difference does it make?
6. the mayfair set - let it melt
7. my bloody valentine - when you sleep
8. the cars - dangerous type


2010: Queer Futures

DNML, or Danimal, Dan or Daniel is my queer, print-making, music-spewing friend from Minneapolis. Dan creates beautiful futuristic prints & designs in his self-produced studio up in his attic, probably while jerking off and listening to Stereolab. His boyfriend has a really big dick & a cute cat named Samson and someday I hope to be sandwiched between all three, for now I'll just fantasize from a close distance. Dan's band Gay Beast is not only releasing a new 7 " on Skin Graft in two weeks but will also be going on tour in Europe. BUY the new vinyl, as well as the recently released Multipurpose Antiform through the band below. I've included some of Dan's prints and links to his blog / Gay Beast's homo-designed myspace page.

pierre et gilles

Friday, January 1, 2010

in every drunk home a headache

happy new year, tricks