Monday, January 4, 2010

2010: Queer Futures

DNML, or Danimal, Dan or Daniel is my queer, print-making, music-spewing friend from Minneapolis. Dan creates beautiful futuristic prints & designs in his self-produced studio up in his attic, probably while jerking off and listening to Stereolab. His boyfriend has a really big dick & a cute cat named Samson and someday I hope to be sandwiched between all three, for now I'll just fantasize from a close distance. Dan's band Gay Beast is not only releasing a new 7 " on Skin Graft in two weeks but will also be going on tour in Europe. BUY the new vinyl, as well as the recently released Multipurpose Antiform through the band below. I've included some of Dan's prints and links to his blog / Gay Beast's homo-designed myspace page.